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  • Dawn


I am making the most of these long, light-filled summer days and warm nights!

There has been so much going on inside and outside of the studio these past several months,

A collaboration between myself and Paddye Mann resulted in this beautiful, one of a kind robe. The pattern is based on a traditional yukata (cotton kimono). It has deep, side seam pockets, side belts loops with tie and top stitching details.

There are heavier weight lighter weight options available!

Duvet covers are also ready to order if you're looking to freshen things up a bit in that room! Pictured below is the Forest of Foliage pattern in greens.

I am excited to explore different patterns, and even larger scale prints - so many options! I have a couple of sets in the photographing stage and I will share those as soon as I get the images together!

We also made these beautiful aprons in linen cotton (currently in the two patterns featured below only). The neck strap is adjustable, lengthy ties around the waist and there are two deep pockets in the front. These can be worn full length or folded in half if you prefer.

We also made these super fun, wide brim bucket hats. The one below is made of linen cotton, being modelled by my nine year old!

Ta-ta for now!


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