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32-60/365 (February)

Daily (kinda) drawings

This is a selection of pages from the month of February. I am capturing my thoughts on this well after (like months later - it's June) and I am trying hard not to focus on the fact that I am "so behind". I'm still doing the drawings, just not sharing everything immediately and that's okay. Life is busy, sharing isn't a great strength and on and on. The above images are a collection of some of my favourite pages. I really got into the more geometric shapes and plan on turning some of those into repeating patterns for my portfolio. Particularly the one below on the left, I would love to see this in a repeat. Yes, it's a little messy when you get up close - perfection isn't the goal here (that's a personal note to myself ;)

I did some more experimenting with a variety of colour palettes but by the end of the month I have to say that I found myself returning to this lovely, warm palette of colours below L-R posca cream, custom pink (molotow white & traffic red), posca orange and molotow lobster. The 1.5mm and 2mm nibs are way easier to work with since the Hobonichi is quite small.

Note for the future; mix more of my own custom colours OR maybe try some coloured pencil? I started with the paint markers because I love the opacity, flatness and limited colours I have but perhaps I could play a bit with another medium?


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