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1-31/365 (January)

I was inspired by @makitoy on Instagram to join the #365drawingclub. I special ordered a Hobonichi pocket-sized planner to use and I love it! Each page is dated with a small enough space it isn't overwhelming (making it easy to keep to the daily habit ;) and it's gridded so I have a great jumping off point if I wish to use it.

The overall idea is to develop the habit, flex the muscle daily. It doesn't have to be this epic drawing session; a 10 minute sketch is better than 0 minutes. Don't overthink it (a problem I tend to have) just put something down because I love to draw.

This is a selection of pages from the first month. On the first drawing I used Tombow Dual tip brush markers because I had been enjoying them in a larger sketchbook I have on the go. But I honestly didn't like seeing the grid show through. I then switched to a variety of paint markers (Molotow and Posca) and I prefer the opaque quality much better. I found that I gravitated toward certain colour combinations. I am using colours that I already had to keep it simple. Some spreads are absolutely horrible and there are colours I experimented with that I also really dislike. I will take all that into the next month and see what happens. Onwards…


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